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Interested in Running the Highland Perthshire Marathon? Intestested in doing the Perthshire Cycle Sportive?
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We will be putting some training schedules on to the site in due course as most suggested preparation schedules are between 16 and 20 weeks.

No one wants to be injured during the training period leading up to the event. So, to try and limit your risk of injury please follow a sensible training programme and train in the correct footwear.




We all know that when we start to exercise our body starts to loose fluid. The rate of loss can be very high and unless fluid is replenished dehydration will occur, affecting performance.

The whole process is like a cycle of events since when you exercise your muscles begin to generate heat but to keep the body temperature in balance your body needs to dissipate this additional heat and does this by sweating, hence a loss of fluid. Of course the harder you exercise, the longer you exercise and the warmer the surroundings the more fluid you are going to lose.

That is why we have 4 water stations around the course since it is suggested that in the case of strenuous  Marathon running you could lose up to 2 litres of fluid per hour.

There is a more detailed explanation in the book:

The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition 6th edition by Anita Bean published by A&C Black

Runners’ Medical Resource

We try and offer the best advice we can, and during the event we have onsite support from the Aberfeldy and Kinloch Rannoch Medical Practice. We are very grateful to our local Doctors for their support and sponsorship in this vital area. In addition we feel there is an excellent online facility that provides important medical information relating to running. It also offers assistance with the preparation for your race, eating and drinking and ensuring your health and safety whilst running, so please visit the Runners’ Medical Resource. 

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