Physical activity is essential both for health and as a way to have fun. Running and cycling are two major physical activities the world over. They are easy to take part in, and their benefits are immense. For this reason, this website was created; to provide people who love running and cycling with helpful information about the two topics.

The site covers a wide range of questions under the following categories.

Cycle Marathons

Cycling races are thrilling whether you are taking part in them or just watching. This section highlights some of the best cycling races that you should look out for. It also discusses the benefits of attending cycling races and some of the fun activities you can participate in when attending such events.

Running Events

This section looks at the running calendar for the rest of 2021. It discusses events that you can take part in and those that you can enjoy watching. For those who dream of running a marathon, there is a piece on how you should prepare.


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