That you are reading this means you are probably a fan of running, cycling or both. If not, you are well on your path to falling in love with the disciplines. The content you find here will be not only informative but also highly captivating.

It should not end there, however. Highland Perthshire Marathon and its ardent readers want to hear from you also. What are your experiences in the running or cycling world? Do you have any expert (or amateur) tips that you would like to share with other enthusiasts? Well, this site is offering you the platform to do just that!

We Would Like to Hear From You

Whatever experiences you have had in these fields, we would like to hear you narrate them. So write to us about the following and more:

* Events that you have attended

Have you been to any events, either as a participant or a spectator? How was the experience? If they are recent, they will bring a freshness of returning outdoors after a lengthy lockdown. But, if they are from way back, the nostalgia should be worth it!

* Favourite athletes

Who are your favourite individuals and teams? What intrigues you about them? It doesn’t matter whether they are pros or just amateur mates; hearing their stories would be an honour.

* Training and diet

Trainers, participants, athletes, what is your story. Teach us how you prepare for competitions. What do you eat? Exercises? Rest and recovery. Let us all compare notes.

* Critiques (criticise us!)

Do you think our opinions and content are false? We would actually love to hear you say it. Part of the purpose of the content on this website is to spark conversation. If you find anything you would like to disagree with, back up or add on, you are more than welcome.

What If I Am Not a Good Writer?

We are looking for your story, not your writing skills. Just give the story and leave the communication aspect to us. Highland Perthshire Marathon has a team of writing experts that will polish your story so well that even you will enjoy rereading it. Do not let your doubts about your writing skills hold you back; go ahead and tell your story. Share with us, and let’s keep the conversation going!