Cycling is one of the most challenging and most demanding sports. It takes a lot of hard work to become a professional in cycling. The sport, just like any other, has a variety of different cycling competitions around the world. Some of these races have more influential participants than others. However, there is a significant number of bicycle marathons that stand out from the rest. Below are the most popular and fascinating cycling marathons around the world.

Tour de France

The Tour de France tops the list of the most famous bicycle marathons across the globe. It has gained distinctive prominence and massive popularity since it was first organised.  The race is currently operated by the French Amaury Sport Organisation. The competition has a variety of different classifications. The cyclists travel through beautiful sceneries as they race on the longest routes.

Milan-San Remo

It is also known as “The Spring Classic” or “La Classicissima” race held between Milan and San Remo, Italy. It is a professional single-day race covering a distance of 185.2 miles. The cyclists must prepare thoroughly and equip themselves with the required necessities. Many people turn up to watch this thrilling event.

Amgen Tour of California

It was the top-level professional cycling world tour in the US and regarded as the most crucial race in the United States. It had nearly half of the elite UCI Pro teams in attendance. It covered magnificent and diverse California sceneries such as the redwood forest, and Central Valley Farmland, among others. Spectators could watch all the action as it went down.

There are many other smaller but equally thrilling bike races around the world. The Giro d’Italia, Dirty Kanza, and Vuelta a España are all races that would excite any lover of bike racing.

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